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Here’s the story:

Our former webmaster did an AWESOME job creating both our HTML and FLASH versions of the site! Unfortunately, he became mysteriously unreachable and site updates couldn’t get posted.  His personal sites shut down and the Flash version of our site went with them, since he was nice enough to host it for us!!  To make matters worse, since he was the one who originally set up this site at Tripod, I didn’t have any of the passwords or any login information that I needed to revamp the site myself!!


Well, after going round-and-round with Tripod, I was able to prove that it was my site, they granted me access, and now we can get to the massive (and much needed) REVAMP!  J 

More info coming soon.





ISSUE #7 Information:

Issue 7 is now printed and ready for shipping!!

Featuring three short stories, Issue #7 gives you a full 32-pages of story!  Anders Eriksen supplies the artwork for two of the stories and introduces RIPPER into the Beta 3 world!  Michael Kasinger completes the issue, and also introduces (and re-introduces) characters who will also have long-running effects in the lives of Sniper & Rook for years to come!  With a cover drawn by Clarence Burk, Jr. and colored by Mickey Clausen, the package is perfectly wrapped!  Only $2.99 and available now!





Sniper and Rook Upcoming Issue Information!

Issue 7 may have just gone to press, but wait until you get a load of things that are coming up next!!!


Issue 8 – in the lettering stage! Artwork by Brendan Kane

Cover by Rodrigo Mireles!


Issue 9 – Artwork by Jim Kyle!

Issue 10 – Artwork by Dimitris Rentzios!

Issue 11 – Artwork by Rodrigo Mireles!

Issue 12 – Artwork by Gene Kelly!

Issues 13 and 14 – Artwork by Rashad Doucet!

Issue 16 – Artwork by Shelby Robertson!!



Are you ready for a CROSSOVER?!?

This top-secret project is almost ready to be announced!  We’ve been given permission to crossover with some of the COOLEST independent characters from the 1990’s scene!  This is THE project I’ve dreamt about!  Each issue boasts interior art by Bill Maus. Covers and pinup artists include Michael O’Hare (Spider-Man, Jubilee), Shelby Robertson (Latex Alice, Darkshrine), Sanford Greene (Superman, Dark Horse), Jonathan Sukarangsan (Sniper and Rook), and many others!


Issue #1 features 32 full story pages . . . check back soon

for more information!



Ordering and Payment:

Issue 7 is now printed and ready for shipping!!

Back issues of Sniper and Rook are still available.


#1 – $2.00     Jonathan Sukarangsan Art, Bill Maus (Nira X, ZEN)  Pinup   

#2 – $2.00    Jonathan Sukarangsan Art, Cedric Nocon (Wetworks, X-Men) Pinup    

#3 – $2.00    Jonathan Sukarangsan Art, Marat Mychaels (Brigade, Nash) Pinup

#4 – $2.00     Jonathan Sukarangsan Art, REB Brown (Iron Fist) Pinup   

#5 – $2.50     Bill Maus Art, Gene Kelly Pinup  

#6 – $2.99     Rob Nikolakakis, Bill Maus Pinup, Freddie E. Williams Jr. Pinup   

#7 – $2.99     Anders Eriksen, Michael Kasinger, Clarence Burk, FedX2k 


Shipping for any of the above – $2.00 for the first issue, .50 for each additional book.


WWC - $15.00    Wizard World Collectors Set:                                

Contains issues 1-5, each signed and numbered, sealed, and signed by series creator John Metych, III.  Limited to 100 sets.      Includes a mini-print by either Sandford Greene or Rodrigo Mireles! Formerly available only at Wizard World Chicago!


Shipping for any order including a collectors set – $4.00 flat rate for priority shipping!


MEGADEAL - $25.00                            

Mention the word MEGADEAL when you order, and I’ll include a Collector’s Set,

PLUS un-sealed copies of 1-5 (for reading!), AND both issues 6 & 7!!!

                                  !!!!!$25.00 INCLUDES SHIPPING!!!!!


We can accept checks and money orders at:

           John Metych, III – PO BOX 215Glen Ellyn, IL  60138-2015


We can accept PayPal at: